Text-based search: First, enter your target name, compound name or ID. Then, select which dataset to search.

Structure-based search: First, draw your structure, input SMILES or upload a MOL/SDF file. Then, choose the search type. In the similarity search, the bit vector Morgan fingerprint, an FCFP-like fingerprint, is utilized to characterize the chemical features of a molecule. Finally, select which dataset to search.

Warhead/E3 ligand page

PROTACs based on this warhead or E3 ligand are also displayed on the warhead/E3 ligand page. Taking the warhead page as an example, the features are as follows.

  1. The warheads based on same initial structures: The initial structures of warheads might be modified for integration into PROTACs. Thus, this part summarizes these structures to facilitate users to retrieve.
  2. The targeted proteins of PROTACs.
  3. The list of PROTACs.