Machine learning has become an indispensable tool to mine chemical information from compound databases



support-vector machine constructs a hyperplane or set of hyperplanes in a high- or infinite-dimensional space.


Random Forest

The prediction of the ensemble is given as the averaged prediction of the individual classifiers.



an optimized distributed gradient boosting library designed to be highly efficient, flexible and portable.



a class of feedforward artificial neural network consisted of at least three layers of nodes.

Estimated TB incidence countries
with at least 100 000 incident cases


TB research and development

Priorities for TB research and development include a vaccine to lower the risk of infection, a vaccine or new drug treatment to cut the risk of TB disease in the 1.7 billion people already latently infected, rapid diagnostics for use at the point of care and simpler, shorter drug regimens for treating TB disease.

New compoundsBedaquiline

The recommendation to use bedaquiline as part of longer MDR-TB treatment regimens was conditional upon proper patient selection, a regimen design WHO recommendations.

Approved drugs for new purposesClofazimine

Clofazimine is a riminophenazine that is used to treat leprosy. Its use in MDR-TB treatment is being explored in preclinical models of TB infection, to better understand its anti-TB effects.