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What Is VGSC-DB ?

The largest professional online database of voltage-gated sodium channels

VGSC-DB (Voltage-gated Sodium Channels Database) is the largest professional online database of voltage-gated sodium channels (VGSCs/Navs), which comprehensively collects the compound and receptor data resources of sodium channels. VGSC-DB provides open access to 6055 data records, including 3396 compounds from 173 references across nine subtypes of Navs (Nav1.1~Nav1.9), to accelerate scientific research. Each data record contains 28 items of information, including the chemical structure, biological activity (IC50/EC50), target, binding site, organism, chemical and physical properties, etc. Learn more >

VGSC-DB is the first open-source database devoted specifically to VGSCs, and strives to offer users accurate and free data resources. We aim to provide the best possible user experience in the field of sodium channels. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions at










Accurate, comprehensive and convenient

 Accurate. Accuracy is one of the fundamental requirements in the construction of a database. Each data has been manually validated and is supported by the corresponding reference. Users are able to refer to the original documents to find more details. Great efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the data. Please see the chapter 'Are These Data Reliable?' for detailed data collection standard and judgment process.
Comprehensive. VGSC-DB contains all available data of VGSCs in large databases (e.g., BindingDB, ChEMBL, etc.), with a wide range of additional data resources. Besides, VGSC-DB provides not only a large number of small molecules but also collects various toxins and their derivatives, the majority of which are unique to VGSC-DB.
• Convenient. Although some databases collect several compound data on VGSCs, the compound information of VGSCs in these databases remains limited and redundant. For instance, these databases do not include information on the binding sites of compounds, and many of the data lack information on biological activities and necessary molecular properties. Instead, VGSC-DB provides concise and comprehensive information, and users are able to use this database for compound retrieval and download data for model construction and structure-activity relationship analysis.

Are These Data Reliable ?

Collection based on peer-reviewed articles and subjective judgment to provide the best user experience

 Peer-reviewed articles rather than patents. The data from patents are always less reliable than peer-reviewed articles, and many experimental details in patents are often neglected. Therefore, patent data are not included in VGSC-DB to ensure that all data have relatively reliable sources.
Records and compounds. A compound can target different subtypes of VGSCs and the data may be generated under different experimental conditions or tested by various methods. In order to make the data more intuitive and convenient to search, VGSC-DB collects the data of a compound using distinct records when the same compound acts on different targets, experimental methods, organisms and etc. Users are able to view the details of each record to select pertinent data.
• Biological activity. The activity data are the basis for quantitative and qualitative analysis. All data records are required to include information of biological activity. The records without half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) or half maximal effective concentration (EC50) values are not collected.
• Reasonable subjective judgment. Studies may be overthrown by the latest research. For the same compound, studies by different groups may have opposite conclusions, which will make great trouble to the users. And some common-sense contents (e.g., the binding site of tetrodotoxin) are not mentioned in many references. If the data are collected simply according to the reference, the flexibility and availability of the data will be greatly weakened. Thus, each data is carefully validated and modified based on the timeliness and authority of the research. Data with obvious errors are deleted.

How can VGSC-DB help ?

Use the power of data and enjoy the website

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You can search the compound by using the text-based and structure-based methods. And we provide the advanced search function.

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